Newsletter 2 – January 2020 | 僑青社會訊 – 第二期

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This week there is a pair of celebrations firstly we have Chinese New Year day on the 25 January then follow by Australian national day celebration.  CYL wish our members good health, prosperity and happiness. We also wish the community affected by the recent bush fire of speedy recovery.

Chinese New Year
Our Recreation Group arranged a new year lunch at Dragon Boat Restaurant, the address is Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour on Saturday 1st February 12 PM, cost $23 PP. Booking will be closed on 30th January, please book by sending message to Eddy at 0411257959 (please leave your name and number of participant).

We will cheer our Dragon Boat team during their race, starting 10.30AM at Darling Harbour, everybody will be welcome to join us. Our paddlers have been well prepared by training hard to defend their national title. Also, our Lion and Dragon team will also be performing as well. It will be a good opportunity to meet them and take photos.

New club house
In the August newsletter, I promised to provide more details about our prospective club house.

Eddy Young had interacted with a numbers of government departments expressing interest to lease government own vacant properties such as warehouse and club house etc. And found a prospective property is about 500 meters from the train station, the size of this club house around 1872 square meters and land size is 12,330 square meters. If succeed, CYL could build a multi facilities indoor sports centre. The second floor will be allocated for training facilities and specially design to build for Lion & Dragon Dance, Chinese culture dance, cooking class room, meeting room, and a canteen. We are in a process of negotiating with the government to lease this property and this has positive sign to go forward.

The successful acquisition of such valuable asset will allow CYL to conduct multi -sport and culture classes. It will be great opportunity to recruit high standard coaches to train our existing and future talents.

Alternatively, we also look into purchase a suitable building, but it is very challenging to find property with our limited budget.

Eddy Young want to thank Andy Yau, Meggy Sin, David Chan, Joe Wong, James Kwok; basketball, Gymnastic and Badminton Association of NSW and my architect Michael for their advice and encouragement.

CYL 80th Anniversary
CYL reach 80-year-old July 2019. We thank many devoted members who have been given so much time and effort for the sake of CYL and these are our truly unsung heroes, we are deeply appreciate what they had contributed to CYL. The following are just name a few examples of those dedicated members:

  • Chang Fai cooks dinner every Saturday for over 30 years. This provides good opportunity for members to socialise and become good friends
  • George Wong always helpful if any repair works were required
  • Annie Leung made costumes for dance troupe in the past 40 years
  • We also remember those inspirational members who had committed and served with endurance of hard works to CYL are Arthur Chang, Peter Wong, Joe Leung, Eddy Young and Ken Wong

Lion and Dragon Dance
Our Women Lion Dance team went to Macau November 2019 defend their world title. Coach Homan and Lokman did a great job with the girls. They won the world champion in 2018, unfortunately they didn’t have the same success in 2019 despite they had put up a strong performance. The team will take a break in 2020 and will bounce back for 2021 championship. Best wishes to our team and look forward to their success in 2021.

Our Lion and Dragon dance major performance for the Chinese New Year in conjunction with Sydney City Council:

The best time to see them would be in Chinatown

  1. Saturday 25th8 to 8.30 PM Sydney City Council’s Chinese New Year Opening. Eight of our beautiful members will accompany our Lord Mayor for the eye doting ceremony. It will be lighted dragon and lion performance until 10 PM.
  2. The lighted Lion and Dragon Dance will perform at Circular Quay 8 PM to 9.30 PM. The dates are: January 31st, February 1ST, 7thand 8th.

Please invite your friend to enjoy and support our team.

Dragon Boat
CYL will take part in the National championship which is on 8 – 13 April 2020  – Penrith Regatta Centre

Recreation Group
We plan to have a trip to China in September. We will send out the information as soon as it becomes available.

Finally, CYL hope that our 10 Dixon Street club house will reopen soon to the public. The classes for Calligraphy, Yoga, Line Dace, and Embroidery could start ASAP.

Our well known restaurant downstairs named Old town only opens for dinner and super. 10 % discount for CYL members, China Travel Service give CYL members discount for joining their tour. Please present your membership card to receive discount.


僑青社會訊 – 第二期

我們的康樂組與2月1日,星期六下午12點在金龍閣餐廳安排了新年午餐,地址是達令港港灣購物中心,每人收費:$23, 預訂截止日期為1月30日,請發送信息至Eddy( 0411257959)進行預訂。(請留下您的姓名和參加者的人數)。








-鄭輝 30多年來每週六做晚飯,這給社員們交友提供了機會並取得很多新委員


– 在過去的40年中,梁楊美紅一直為舞蹈隊縫製演出服裝


Lion and Dragon Dance   舞龍舞獅
我們的女子舞獅隊於2019年11月前往澳門捍衛世界冠軍稱號。 梁浩民和梁洛民教練非常出色。他們在2018年贏得了世界冠軍,不幸的是,儘管她們表現出色,但在2019年卻沒有取得同樣的成功。他們將在2020年休整一下,並將在2021年重返賽場爭取冠軍。衷心祝福我們的團隊,並期待她們在2021年取得成功!


我認為最值得捧塲和欣賞的是年初一晚上在 唐人街Haymarket的表演

  1. 八至八時半 – 僑青社為悉尼市政府新年慶祝活動開幕式進行點睛儀式,由我社八位 穿上民族服裝的靚女協助市長Clover Moore和嘉賓主持為八条醒獅點睛。
  2. 8:30 – 10:00 我社精彩的夜光龍和夜光獅演出。

另外我社夜光龍和夜光獅還有晚上四塲在雪梨歌劇院環形碼頭的演出  :從八時至九時半 :一月卅一日, .二月一日, 二月七日, 二月八日

僑青社將參加2020年4月8日至13日的全國龍舟錦標賽– Penrith帆船中心



我社樓下著名的大排檔餐館,僅供應晚餐。 僑青社會員可享受10%的折扣,中國旅行社可為僑青社會員提供參加旅行的折扣。請出示您的會員卡以獲得折扣。

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