Lion & Dragon Dancing



3:30 – 4:30pm (Kids)
4:30 – 7:00pm (Adults)


(+61 2) 9267 3166 (CYL Office)


The team was founded in 1976 and based in Sydney, Chinese Youth League Lion and Dragon Dance Australia (CYLLADDA) practises both Southern (Traditional and Freestyle) Lion Dance & Dragon Dance and have been performing in New South Wales for nearly 40 years now. The objective of our troupe is to educate the public about lion and dragon dance through performances, presentations, and interaction. History, knowledge and understanding is a crucial element in appreciating the Asian arts and traditions; we foster this through our strong community presence and providing information about the cultural relevance of this ancient dance.

The Art & Culture

Lion and Dragon Dance embrace the beauty, art, culture, traditions, and history of China. Gestures and movements that closely mimic the emotion of the mystical animal tell the story behind the performance.

Emotions and expressions portrayed by the dancers include excitement, caution, curiosity, playful, anger, sleepiness, confusion, happiness, and sadness, to name a few. In addition to this, acrobatic skills are sometimes displayed by the dancers to add excitement to the performance. Practitioners must undergo rigorous training to develop these skills and to learn the many movements used to make the lion appear alive and strong. They must also learn to play the instruments used to accompany the lion and to direct its movements during the dance.


It must be noted that lion dancing is an extension of the Chinese martial arts, and traditionally is always performed by martial artists. The dancers go through extensive training in the many intricate steps and body movements that form the basis of the lion dance, as well as the use of various percussion instruments and their traditional rhythms which accompany the dance. Troupe members regularly train throughout the week to practice routines, refine techniques, increase strength and endurance, build community and teamwork and prepare for performances. We welcome anyone who is keen to pursue the art of lion dancing in a safe and encouraging environment. For more info on our training schedule, feel free to contact us.


CYLLADDA performs year-round at a variety of events and occasions, ranging from sporting events, celebrations, to major festivals in and out of Sydney. Its members have extensive experience with performances at all types of venues from the largest 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, Lion Dancing World Championships in Malaysia, to the smallest private function.

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