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CYL Table Tennis

CYL Table Tennis Group holds exercise games on Monday, Thursday and Friday three days a week at the CYL Clubhouse. This activity suits people of all age. The elderly are particularly encouraged to join. Actually, through the games, the members befriend each other, and share a lot more.

CYL Table Tennis Group sent teams to compete on many occasions. Every year the Cambodian Chinese Association Table Tennis Team and CYL team to have friendship games. Both teams are well prepared for the game and provide very delicious lunch for all the members.

Our members especially the women’ group and 70+ category group are very competitive. In Year 2009, CYL Table Tennis Group also organised the Third Friendship Cup Table Tennis Tournament in July. The competition is very well received by all 5 table tennis organisations and the audiences. CYL Table Tennis in charge Mr Peter Wong lead the team ranked the first in the 70+ group. Welcome to join us!

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