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Recreation Group

Our group organise Sunday walk every two weeks. It is a chance to see the beautiful Sydney surrounding and make new friends.

We are planning for Cherry and Berry picking trips to Orange in January 2020.  There will be week day Walnut and Chestnut picking trip to Blue Mountain in April 2020 (as the farm is too busy to have us on weekends).   We will announce the date closer to the season.

Due to CYL renovation, we hope to start our Yoga, Calligraphy, Embroidery and Line Dance classes in October.


Lion & Dragon Dance Group

CYL won the Macau Women Lion Dance World Championship last November 2018. It is a great achievement by our team. It is the first time CYL won a world title.  We like to express my appreciation to our two coaches Lokman and Homan Leung and their supporting members.

Our team will take part in  this year’s Women World Championship in Macau on 23rd November 2019.  If you are holidaying or live in the region, please come to cheer up for our team.  We will keep you updated.

Our team will be performing at the Sydney Chinese New Year Festival.


Dragon Boat Group

CYL again did very well at last season’s Australian Championship.  We won the Men’s 200 and 500 meter championship.  Our hard working crews has started training again. New members are welcome to join us.

Sunday 8th September 2019 – Penrith Regatta Centre
Sunday 13th October 2019 – Penrith Regatta Centre
Sunday 15th December 2019 – Penrith Regatta Centre
Sunday 12th January 2020 – State Titles – Penrith Regatta Centre
Saturday 1st February 2020-  Chinese New Year – Darling Harbour

CYL will organise our members to cheer up our team.  There will be luncheon gathering as well.

Wednesday to Monday 8th to 13th April 2020 – Nationals, Penrith Regatta Centre

Please note: Penrith Regatta Centre is formally called Sydney International Regatta Centre. This is the venue for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Address:  Gate A, Old Castlereagh Road. Castlereagh.


Wushu Group

Training on Wednesday and Thursday at CYL hall



Every Tuesday 10 am to 12 pm at CYL hall


Table Tennis

Every Monday and Friday 10 am to 1 pm at CYL hall


Chinese Folk Dance

Children class Sunday morning, adult Sunday afternoon




明年一月,我们希望在Orange举行一个采摘樱桃蓝莓周未之游。明年四月,我们希望在 籃山举行一个采摘胡桃和栗子之游(这游不能在周末去因为农场周末太忙)我们稍后确定日期。




去年十一月,我们赢了在澳门举办的世界女子醒狮锦标赛。这是一个令人自豪的成就,也是侨青社第一次拿到世界锦标。我对我们的两位教练,梁浩民及梁樂民和其他的支持者, 提出最大的致敬。







98日 2019 – Penrith Regatta Centre

10132019 – Penrith Regatta Centre

1215日 2019 – Penrith Regatta Centre

112日 2020 – Penrith Regatta Centre (新州锦标赛)

21日 2020 – 农历新年 – Darling Harbour


48-13日 2020 全国锦标赛 – Penrith Regatta Centre

请注意:Penrith Regatta Centre正名是Sydney International Regatta Centre, 这是2000年世运地点。Gate A, Old Castlereagh Road Castlereagh. Http://






每周二早上10.00 12.00在侨青社







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